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When visiting our location in person we will accept cash, local checks, money orders and all forms of credit and debit cards.

When placing an order online, your credit card information will be collected upon online checkout.  During the checkout process you will choose when you would like your card to be charged.

If your scheduled delivery is 6 or more calendar days from the day of placing your order, you may choose to either leave a credit card on file or receive an invoice via email the day before your scheduled delivery.  The payment must then be made from that invoice prior to delivery of your order.

.It is not the responsibility of Point West Wholesale Flower Market  to remind the client of their scheduled pick-up.



Cancellation of an order must be made 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled delivery/pick-up or charges will apply.



Prices are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions and availability.

Colors, size, stem counts, weight and fullness of floral product may vary.



Clients must report any failure of a product within 24 hours of the delivery/pick-up.

If a product fails, please provide to Christina at christina@pwflowermarket.com the following:

Required – 3 pictures of the failed product:

(a) a picture of the failed product with the package
(b) a picture of entire bunch
(c) a close up picture of the failed product

Clients will have their choice of a refund or replacement (equal value) of the failed product with verification from Point West Flower Market Wholesale.

Point West Wholesale Flower Market is not responsible for floral product that has not been processed in a timely manner or properly maintained after the delivery/pickup.  

It is not the responsibility of Point West Wholesale Flower market to verify that the correct items have been ordered.  Refunds and returns will not be authorized in the event that the incorrect products or color variations/hues were ordered.



Point West Wholesale Flower Market will make deliveries to surrounding areas. We will also arrange for an overnight delivery service to deliver to locations outside of our general area.  When an outside delivery service is utilized, additional charges will be incurred after checkout.  A credit card must be kept on file for additional delivery charges.  Deliveries will arrive between 8:00am and 6:00pm on the scheduled delivery date.  Point West Wholesale Flower Market is not responsible for floral product damaged while in transit.  We will however do our best to help rectify delivery issues.



As a courtesy to our clients Point West Flower Market Wholesale will be happy to provide white buckets for deliveries and pick-up of floral orders.

There will be an additional charge of $7.00 for each bucket that is not returned with the following weekly order or within 10 days of the original delivery/pick up date.








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