About Us


Point West Wholesale Flower Market is proudly comprised of professionals from the Sonoma County area. Not only do we have several combined decades of experience in floral design, storefront, events, delivery, and floral warehouse logistics, but we also have experience in the floral wholesale industry itself.  Much like you, we too have experienced the many challenges of this often frustrating industry. This has inspired us to address these concerns within this industry for you the florist, as a way to offer innovation as an alternative.


We all know the countless difficulties encountered while acquiring quality floral products at a fair price…


  • The expense and fatigue of travel and commute.

  • Rushing to spend the early hours of your morning competing to find the best of the bunch.

  • Searching aimlessly through countless buckets just to find inconsistent merchandise.

  • The difficulty in finding consistent pricing and availability.

  • Trying to manage a work and/or sleep schedule, around an inconvenient market schedule.

  • Having our needs and concerns continually ignored by a staff who may or may not be qualified to help you.

  • Failed deliveries and empty promises without any respect for your business.

  • Feeling rushed and under appreciated in a hurry to beat the hoards of casual shoppers.


This is why we have banded together to bring you Point West Wholesale Flower Market. As a promise to you, our members we pledge to:


  • Open our storefront and warehouse exclusively to professional florists.

  • Open and operate at convenient hours with a modern, safe, well maintained and easily accessible facility.

  • Provide each of our florist members with fresh floral products of exceptional quality at a fair market price.

  • Provide you with respect and superior customer service at every opportunity.

  • Offer reliable delivery and shipping of our wholesale products (additional charges apply).

  • Access to a wide variety of rental decor, provided by our partner The Northern Source.

  • The ability to finally pre-order online!

  • No membership fees!


We are located in beautiful Rohnert Park, CA, at our private facility within a safe and quiet business park on Professional Center Drive, just North of Rohnert Park Expressway and State Farm Drive.


150 Professional Center Dr. Suite B

Rohnert Park, CA 94928


 707-230-6070 (phone)

707-230-6083 (fax)



 We are so glad to welcome you aboard. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience here.  We can’t wait to accommodate your needs. We look forward to benefiting you, as your newest professional floral resource in Sonoma County.